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11 Dezember 2013
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Interview: Helge Schneider

Wir hatten die große Ehre, dem Jazz-Virtuosen und Entertainer Helge Schneider anlässlich eines Pressetermins zu seiner neuen Tournee und der danach folgenden Bühnen-Auszeit persönlich ein paar Fragen zu stellen.
Er erklärt uns im Kurz-Interview die Besonderheiten seiner neuen spanischen Gitarre und erzählt uns vom Leben im Tourbus, seiner Modelleisenbahn und …

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9 März 2011
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Interview: David Rhodes

David Rhodes, primarily known for his collaborations with other artists (Peter Gabriel, Tori Amos, Tim Finn among others), has just released his first solo album Bittersweet.
On his birthday (May 2nd), before playing a show in Cologne, he granted us the big honour of lending us some of his time for …

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6 Dezember 2010
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Interview: Jason Mraz

Where there’s Jason Mraz, there’s sunshine. Enough sunshine for his avocados to have to wear sunglasses when he sings to them… (see below.) This year’s tour plan had only one European show listed for him: the unique Zermatt Unplugged festival at the foot of the Matterhorn.
Thus, on april 17 …

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6 Dezember 2010
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Interview: James Walsh

At the Zermatt Unplugged festival in Switzerland we had the chance to interview British singer/songwriter James Walsh who rose to popularity with his band Starsailor. In november last year he decided to put his band on hiatus, and began working on a solo album. We talked about the progress of …

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9 April 2010
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Interview: Drew Roulette of dredg

dredg from sunny California have been touring a lot last year. Promoting their latest album, The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion, they played over a hundred gigs in total, and hopped across the pond to Europe three times throughout the year.
Enough going on to be curious about the band’s perspective …

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10 Februar 2010
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Interview: Peter Nicholls of IQ

“Touring, touring, is never boring…” Joey Ramone once sang so truly. Being on tour with British prog rockers IQ specifically means the exact opposite of boredom. If an unsuspecting stranger were to walk into an IQ concert, he’d probably be very puzzled to find people dressed up as angels, astronauts …

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